Things You Need to Know About Unpacking Bubble Envelopes

Things You Need to Know About Unpacking Bubble Envelopes

When it comes to sending an item via mail courier services, two options spring to mind. If the product being shipped is large or fragile, a container for shipping may be desirable. If you're sending documents in paper form, a simple envelope will suffice.But what if the products you're mailing aren't large enough to warrant a larger, more expensive shipping box? What if you still need fragile object protection that a standard envelope cannot provide? 

In this situation, you'll be relieved to hear that bubble envelopes, a third choice between a mailing box and an envelope, are available.

What Exactly Are Bubble Envelopes?

Bubble envelopes are padded envelopes composed of either plastic or paper with an outer coating of bubble wrap filling the inside. These are more affordable considering they are much smaller and lighter than a shipping box! It should be noted, however, that while bubble mailers constitute a form of padded envelope, not all cushioned mailers are bubble envelopes. While cushioned envelopes and bubble wrapped envelopes are sometimes used in tandem, a cushioned envelope can also have padding or paper lining, whereas a bubble mailer merely has a bubble wrap lining.

Differentiating Shipping Mailers From Shipping Boxes

When determining how to send your costly belongings, there are a few important factors to consider. Shipping boxes are useful because they can be easily stackable, recyclable, and long-lasting. However, they are pricey and frequently demand a lot of filler to keep the contents from shifting during shipping. Boxes are the greatest solution if you need to ship a heavy, huge, or fragile item, but they may be a better option for smaller products.Custom bubble envelopes are an ideal, less expensive way to ship flat products such as books, CDs, or tiny valuables such as jewelry and clothing. Though some of the products indicated above can be mailed in a conventional envelope, studies have shown that parcels can endure up to 27 drops or throws on a one-way shipping. 

That's an awful lot of rough treatment for products you want to arrive in one piece!

Bubble envelopes, with their enhanced security and cheaper cost, are a perfect balance among shipping boxes versus unprotected envelopes.

Where to Look for the Best Mailer

Bubble wrapped envelopes can be found in stores that sell office supplies and the post office. They are even available for purchase online at Crystal Mailing where you can buy metallic bubble wrapped envelopes and custom bubble envelopes also. Most mailers are less than ten bucks in bulk and come in a variety of sizes and colors. Carriers even offer personalized bubble mailers. Amazon's bubble envelopes, for example, have a bespoke blue Prime emblem all over its bubble mailer packaging. Keep in mind when deciding on the measurement of the mailer that you want to buy: the external dimensions are bigger than the inner dimensions. Check to see if your stuff will fit inside!

Packing Made Simple

Unlike shipping boxes, which require you to cover any vacant spaces with wrapping paper, foam peanuts, or inflatables to keep objects from moving, bubble mailers come with an additional layer of bubble wrap already attached. Simply put your thing inside and you're done! If you still have concerns about the safety of your item, you can add extra protection by covering it in paper or additional bubble wrap. However, keep in mind that more packaging adds weight, which can raise your shipping rates.

Bubble Mailers for Shipping

If you want to understand how to send bubble envelopes properly, there are three simple things to take. When you've bought the mailer, positioned your item inside, and are prepared to ship it, seal, categorize, and send. Shut the bubble mailer while securing it using the provided glue on the flap after your item has been carefully placed inside the box. Seal the mailer tightly, but don't push excessively on the envelope, since this could trigger the bubble wrap within to pop. Triple-check for breaches or tears once closed to ensure that your belongings do not slip out during shipment. After that, label your envelope and tape it to the middle of the box. In many circumstances, the carrier will design a label for you, which you may either print before time or have printed before you bring it to the office. You simply need to furnish the carrier with delivery details by completing the form on their official website or by visiting them in person; couriers cannot ship your product unless they know where it's going! If you create the label yourself, make sure all of the necessary pieces are there and legible, with the shipping location in the middle, the return information in the top left corner, and the postage in the upper right.

It's finally time to mail your package. 

You can either plan for pickup at your preferred location or deliver the mailer right away to your preferred carrier. Remember that the price of each carrier varies according to the dimensions and weight of the mailer, yet it will nevertheless be cheaper than utilizing a box.

What are the precise costs?

When it comes to shipping, there is no concrete explanation as to the amount of shipment cost. Weight, destination, carriers, and desired delivery speed all affect the price of shipping mailers just as much as they do boxes. However, merely choosing a bubble mailer as opposed to a box will help save you money because they are often far less expensive. Because bubble mailers are significantly lighter and more compact than shipping boxes, they are even more desirable as a secure and cost-effective solution. This consideration alone will assist lower shipping costs by lowering the amount of weight and area your product takes up during shipment while yet providing adequate protection. Though crates are still a good way to ship valuable products, don't overlook the bubble mailer. They provide more protection than normal envelopes, are less expensive to buy than shipping boxes, and save shipping costs due to their small size and weight.

Custom bubble envelopes provide the very best of the two categories when it comes to security and cost-effectiveness, making them an excellent choice for your online store. 


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