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We, Crystal Mailing, aim to provide better, cost-effective, and best-quality products in the mailing sector. We do this by brilliantly crafting products with the world’s best manufacturing that change the way of the packaging process.

We are always glad to explore new techniques in this sector. We bring forth quality and service with the best competitive prices. We are one of the leading distributors in the mailing sector.

We provide 3 sorts of labels to cover all your mailing needs

  1. Invoicing Labels
  2. Address Labels
  3. Thermals Labels

1. Invoicing Labels

Invoice labels play a very crucial role in delivery and shipping. They contain all the important information about the parcel. Invoice labels contain invoice ID, order ID, seller’s details having the name of the store, contact email id of the store, the receiver’s name, address and contact details in the “shipping to” section, the barcode, item in package, item quantity, weight details, billing details, tracking number, courier service provider, etc.

Invoicing labels are pieces of identification in the world of shipping which helps the shipping service providers to know what’s inside the parcel and where it needs to be delivered.

Our A4 integrated labels are single integrated labels with varying window sizes. These can be utilized in postage-paid courier stamps, for lengthy delivery information, and larger delivery address font. We deliver these labels in copious quantities. We have specially crafted these labels to corroborate quick label application to allow fast pack. We don’t compromise on quality.

We help you ease your dispatch process by providing you with the required size invoice label stickers which need to be stuck on the package. Our labels are made from top-quality material and are self-adhesive which allows quick stick without any mess and stays for a long time.

Our labels provide the best results with laser jet as well as inkjet printers. We ensure best-in-class quality, with permanent adhesive. A4 90 GSM sheets Compatible with: eBay and Amazon Market Place.

Price start from: 100 @ £4.99 (£49.90 per 1000) to 10000 @ £183.99 (£18.40 per 1000)

We manufacture single integrated invoicing labels with these window sizes in an A4 sheet.

  1. Integrated Labels 96mm x 64mm (S1)
  2. Integrated Labels 85mm X 54mm (S3)
  3. Integrated Labels 89mm x 36mm (S4)
  4. Integrated Labels 45mm x 30mm (S5)
  5. Integrated Labels 100mm x 45mm (S6)
  6. Integrated Labels 190mmX100mm (S7)
  7. Integrated Labels 80mm X 45mm (S9)
  8. Integrated Labels 95mm x 64mm (S10)
  9. Integrated Labels 110mm X 80mm (S11)
  10. Integrated Labels 140mm x 60mm (S12)
  11. Integrated Labels 120mm x 60mm (S13)
  12. Integrated Labels 100mm X 60mm (S14)
  13. Integrated Labels 160mm X 80mm (S15)
  14. Integrated Labels 150mm X 100mm (S16)
  15. Integrated Labels 100mm X 150mm (S17)
  16. Integrated Labels 164mm X 120mm (S18)
  17. Integrated Labels 160mm X 105mm (S19)

2. Address Labels

We provide a broad variety of address labels. These are built with excellent adhesive specially designed to stick hassle free on courier packs yet stay long.

We have all that you need! Are you looking for small labels for small packages? or some big labels for huge boxes? We have got you covered. We have labels designed to fit each size package. Our labels are the best players for e-commerce platforms including Amazon, eBay, Magento, and Shopify. But we are not limited to this. A sole person can also use these stickers for anything they want to courier to other places.

Our address labels are printable so anyone can customize these as desired. You can also use these label stickers to convey any cute message or a note for the receiver. These can be used for multiple purposes. We make top Quality printable address labels, best accompanied by laser jet and Inkjet printers. These are Self Adhesive stickers with an easy Peel Out option. Integrated into A4 blank white sheet.

Price start from: 100 @ £4.79 (£47.90 per 1000) to 10000 @ £349.99 (£35.00 per 1000)

We manufacture address labels in these sizes.

> 1 Labels Per Sheet (199.6x289.1mm)

> 2 Labels Per Sheet (199.6x143.5mm)

> 4 Labels Per Sheet (99.1x139mm)

> 6 Labels Per Sheet (99.1x93.1mm)

> 8 Labels Per Sheet (99.1x67.7mm)

> 10 Labels Per Sheet (99.1x57mm)

> 12 Labels Per Sheet (63.5x72mm)

> 14 Labels Per Sheet (99.1x38.1mm)

> 16 Labels Per Sheet (99.1x34mm)

> 18 Labels Per Sheet (63.5x46.6mm)

> 21 Labels Per Sheet (63.5x38.1mm)

> 24 Labels Per Sheet (63.5x33.9mm)

> 27 Labels Per Sheet (63.5x29.6mm)

> 40 Labels Per Sheet (45.7x25.4mm)

> 48 Labels Per Sheet (45.7x21.2mm)

> 65 Labels Per Sheet (38.1x21.2mm)

> 80 Labels Per Sheet (35.6x16.9mm)

3. Thermal Labels

Thermal labels use heat technology to print. The paper used here is heat-sensitive paper. Only specially designed printers work for thermal paper. In this printing thermal print head heats the paper on the selective area which changes the color of the exposed part area.

This process is eco-friendly since it doesn’t require inks, toners, and other stuff. It's the best choice for high volumes labels as this uses paper roll technology and so there is no need to place paper sheets every time. It's portable and quick. These labels are the best choices for food services, retail stores, fuel pumps, and cash registers. These labels are handy and can be printed on the go with POS machines.

Our thermal labels come with excellent adhesive. We make these labels with top-grade thermal material available. Our thermal labels are direct thermal type labels. These work best with Zebra Printers, Toshiba Printers, Citizen Printers, Eltron Printers, Orion Printers, SATO Printers, UPS Printers, and more.

We manufacture thermal rolls in these sizes.

  1. Thermal Labels Rolls 60 x 30mm (1 Roll = 2000 Individual Labels)

> Regular price£4.49

> Cost: 1 @ £4.49 (£4,490.00 per 1000) to 264 @ £660.79 (£2,502.99 per 1000)

> size: 2.36x1.18" (60x30mm)

  1. Thermal Labels Rolls 4 x 3 inch (1 Roll = 500 Individual Labels)

> Regular price£4.79

> Cost: 1 @ £4.79 (£4,790.00 per 1000) to 512 @ £941.99 (£1,839.82 per 1000)

> size: 4x3" (101.6x76.2mm)

  1. Thermal Labels Rolls 4 x 6 inch (1 Roll = 500 Individual Labels)

> Regular price£6.49

> Cost: 1 @ £6.49 (£6,490.00 per 1000) to 256 @ £1,023.99 (£3,999.96 per 1000)

> size: 4x6" (101.6x152.4mm)

Our products are crafted with care. They are uniquely designed keeping in mind your choice and requirement giving you a smooth and hassle-free experience.

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