Advantages of Thermal Label Rolls

The Advantages of Thermal Label Rolls

Thermal labels on rolls have long been the preferred labeling solution for many international businesses because they are simple to use and cost-effective. Thermal labels are simple to store, load, and print; there are no major drawbacks. Thermal printing your labels are more or less "jam-free" than laser printing because the labels are on a continuous roll and are fed through your printer and simply come out the other end. 

What is a Thermal Roll?

Labels and thermal rolls are smooth and special papers coated with materials that change color when exposed to heat. As a result, the thermal printer head heats the thermal paper roll, making it legible.

There are diverse manufacturers that make use of specially designed and heat-sensitive materials for manufacturing thermal paper rolls.

However, it is important to note that the mixture and formulation of these chemicals may vary depending on the manufacturer's decision and formula.

In this regard, you may encounter various qualities of thermal paper rolls available on the market today.

How many layers are included in the thermal paper roll?

Thermal label rolls have three layers, but you won't notice them from the outside.

The substrate layer, which is simply paper, is the first layer. Then there's the base layer, which serves as a binding element and allows heat to pass through the paper.

Finally, there is an active layer that contains specially formulated chemicals that allow the thermal labels to react to heat.

High-quality labels and thermal rolls have an additional protective layer that helps to prevent fading of the printed surface.

Which industries make use of thermal labels?

Thermal labels are widely used in a variety of applications. Among these applications, areas are cash registers, point-of-sale systems, and credit card terminals.

In general, there is a lot of printing in these application areas. As a result, using non-thermal printers in such areas would result in higher expenses for printer maintenance, cartridge replacement, and ink refilling.

As a result, thermal labels are widely used in retail stores, banks, and even government offices.

The Advantages of Labels and Thermal Rolls

It makes good business sense for a new company to print its own labels in order to save money. Small businesses accomplish this by using small home printers and sheet labels to create their own address labels and invoice labels.

However, as the business grows, there will be a need for more high-quality invoice labels to be able to penetrate a larger market. A small business must consider an alternative, in this case, roll labels, in order to print professional-looking labels. Let's take a look at some of the advantages of using thermal labels to help your company grow.

1. Less Expensive

When printing with thermal roll labels, you can print more custom labels than when printing with sheet labels. When you print in bulk, the cost per label decreases. In other words, when printing labels in bulk, it is more cost-effective to use thermal roll labels rather than sheet labels.

2. Faster Printing

We are all aware that time is equivalent to money. When it comes to printing labels, a company cannot afford to waste time. When labels are delayed, the entire business comes to a halt, which costs a company a lot of money. Thermal Roll labels print more quickly than sheet labels. Roll labels are fed into dedicated label printers that are digital, roll-fed, and quick in order to produce high-quality, long-lasting labels.

3. Less Wastage

Thermal Roll labels are very cost-effective and produce less waste. Because roll labels are fed into a dedicated label printer via a label applicator, the chances of labels becoming wrinkled are reduced because the applicators ensure that the rolls are properly positioned. Because you have to cut sheet labels, you waste a lot of labels.

4. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes

As a company grows, so does the need to be more creative when designing product labels. Every now and then, a company needs to print promotional labels for different seasons in order to increase sales. In this case, you must create custom labels, which necessitate the creation of unique designs. Unique designs necessitate the printing of labels in a variety of shapes and sizes. Unlike sheet labels, thermal roll labels come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

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