One-Stop Solution for Shipping Essentials

One-Stop Solution for Shipping Essentials

Today online businesses have evolved and have replaced the traditional shopping scenario. Now people opt to shop online at their convenience. The present-day online services include everything, whether shopping for a small item or shopping for furniture for your house, want insurance, or ordering some food! Everything single thing is available online. It literally covers all.

There are lots of services demanding import-export of goods mostly eCommerce. But how would we provide these services with safety and no damage?? that’s where mailing bags come into the view.

Mailing bags offer complete safety to the items from tampering, weather conditions, the wear and tear while transport, ensuring their privacy. We are talking about Grey Mailing Bags and Premium Colour Mailing Bags.

The pros of opaque mailing bags

  1. Protects from wear and tear
  2. Light in weight
  3. Easy to use
  4. Allows labels on it
  5. Protects from weather conditions
  6. Water and dust-proof
  7. Robust and versatile
  8. Can be used for multiple goods
  9. Various size options
  10. Prevent tampering
  11. Safe and secure
  12. Ship in style
  13. self-adhesive
  14. Tear-resistant
  15. Strong seal 
  16. Opaque material ensures privacy

Let's explore these different Mailing Bags in detail.

Grey and Colorful mailing bags

Our mailing bags are made from tough LDPE material. These are soft, handy, versatile, self-adhesive, moisture resistant, durable, lightweight, and offer complete privacy through their non-see-through material. These are completely temperature resistant offering low-temperature flexibility.


Grey mailing bag


No one can tamper with these while shipping as these can only be opened by tearing or cutting, and once torn, they cannot be reused. These LDPE bags have a peel and seal technology. The seal is very strong due to strong adhesive, which limits the opening of the package anytime while transporting. 

The mailing bags are available in various sizes. Depending on the products you want to ship, you can pick the relevant size. These are mostly utilized for clothing, accessories, documents, shoes, frames, gift cards, showcase items, and more. These bags are suitable for more flat sort of items. But can also be used for non-flat items with proper padding inside.

These mailing bags are 100% opaque and free from any type of smell. So that the products can stay raw without any damage when delivered. we offer mailing bags in grey, blue, pink, and white color options. They are the best option to send any legal documents are similar papers securely to anyone. And as these are lightweight, the total weight doesn’t alter and thus doesn’t add the extra cost of shipping. Our mailing LDPE bags are recyclable and therefore eco-friendly.


mailing bags


The pretty colors make them look stylish. As these are burst-resistant, puncture-proof, and tear-proof, these are the most useful and in-demand choices. 

At crystal mailing, we make them with the best quality material at a budget-friendly cost. Our grey, blue, pink, and white opaque shipping envelopes are available in bulk. The pricing depends on the size and quantity. The price gets reduced when you buy in more quantity.

Now let's talk about seal bags which can be reused multiple times. These seal bags are a perfect fit for storing and carrying any item or small items. It can be open and closed as many times as you want. 

The pros of our seal bags

  1. Robust
  2. Versatile
  3. Food safe
  4. Easy peel and seal
  5. Handy
  6. Transparent build
  7. Long-lasting

Grip seal bags

Grip Seal Bags can be utilized for everything and anything. Whether for food for your garage essentials or accessories, you can use it. These come with a seal option which can be opened and shut when required. But this doesn’t make a change to its seal, its seal ensures complete closure and prevents any kind of leak. Whether dry or wet everything gets locked in it.


Grip seal bags


Our Grip seal bags are dust-proof and moisture-proof making them the best choice for food products. You can store bolts and screws and such tiny items from your essentials in a box in small sealed bags differentiating them within the box. Or you can store your monthly food essentials in it. As these are clear you can easily see what's inside. These are also used in shipping. Depending on the item, the size may vary.

Clear opp bags

While grip bags have pressed zip-like closures, clear opp bags have stick-on closures. We offer this in both warnings printed and without warning variants. These bags are best suited for store owners and businesses where they want to display the items without affecting them. For case, fingerprints or scratches from showing it to your customers, or hand-to-hand shifting will be prevented. This can be the best fit for jewelry businesses, eCommerce clothing stores, and small house-based entrepreneurs.


transparent Clear opp bags


These clear opp bags are clear, glossy, strong, weatherproof, and free from smell. And the variant with printed warning has it written in English and 4 other European languages. These clear opp covers have simple peel and seal technology with a strong self-adhesive seal. It can be utilized for packing toys, jewelry, CD, pictures, papers, clothes, and so on. We make these in various sizes.

We craft products keeping the quality concern in mind. Today’s online business regardless of the products it is offering has increased the demand for shipping. And shipping is critical and has to be carefully managed. We aim to aid your shipping experience and make it smooth with premium products.

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