Pallet Wrap Packaging

How to Make the Most of Pallet Wrap Packaging

Pallet wrap is an important packaging material. Pallet wrapping is a low-cost and quick way to protect your goods during transit. This guide will explain what pallet wrap is and how to effectively wrap a pallet.

What exactly is pallet wrap?

Pallet wrap is a highly stretchable film that is also known as "stretch film" or "stretch wrap". It is most commonly used to wrap around items on a pallet. The elastic recovery ensures that the items are tightly bound and fully secured for transit.

By safeguarding the load, product loss and tampering are reduced. Goods can also be secured from certain weather conditions, dust, and light debris. Stretch films that are black or tinted are ideal for transporting items that cannot be exposed to direct sunlight, such as electronic items.

Pallet wrap is primarily used in factories, manufacturing, and storage because it is versatile and long-lasting. It can also be used to make furniture, windows, and food packaging.

How to Wrap a Pallet Properly?

Knowing how to properly wrap a pallet will greatly reduce the risk of damage during transit or storage. Simply follow these guidelines to ensure your pallet is properly wrapped:

To properly wrap a pallet, you can use a pallet wrapping machine or do it by hand. A pallet wrapping machine will automate tasks, resulting in a perfectly wrapped pallet in a matter of seconds. Doing it by hand is a very manual process that is better suited to smaller operations.

Pallet Wrapping Instructions

Wrapping a pallet by hand is a very similar process, but it is much more manual. Whether you're wrapping pallets by machine or by hand, the simple steps below can serve as a guide to wrapping pallets:

  • First, choose a pallet that is similar in size to the load you want to wrap and does not have any broken boards.
  • Stack the items as close together as possible. Also, make sure that the weight distribution is even, with heavier items at the bottom and lighter items at the top.
  • Thread the wrap through a corner of the pallet and tie it until it's completely secure.
  • Begin wrapping around the load's base. Wrap around at least 3 or 4 times, ensuring the corners are tightly wrapped.
  • Work your way up, overlapping the layers as you go. Once you've reached the top, begin wrapping back down to stabilize the load.
  • When the entire load has been safely wrapped, tear the end off and either stick it or tuck it under the pallet's edge.
  • When finished, test the load for stability by gently pushing the top items. If none of the items are loose or moving, you can be confident that the load is stable and will not shift during transport.

Different Types of Pallet Wrap:

There are three types of pallet wrap to be aware of:

  • Pre-stretch film

The film is stretched during production, increasing its overall strength. As a result, your palate's stability improves
    • Cast Stretch film

    It is a very versatile type of pallet wrap with high strength
      • Blown Stretch Film

      It is a very strong pallet wrap with excellent puncture and tears resistance. It is typically used for irregular loads to ensure the stability of your pallet.
      • Standard Core Pallet Wrap

      Our clear standard core pallet wrap has high tensile strength and is puncture-resistant. Once wrapped around your item, the film will begin to adhere to itself, forming a protective barrier against dust, debris, and even the elements.

      • Extended Core Pallet Wrap

      The actual core here extends beyond the width of the pallet wrap roll. These Extended core pallet wrap then allow for an easy and comfortable grip on the hand, allowing for a more effective wrap and finish. 

        Pallet Wrap of Various Quality:

        Pallet Wrap packaging comes in three different quality levels:

        • Light Duty – all-purpose pallet wrap with a low thickness level. ideal for well-stacked pallet loads consisting entirely of similarly shaped boxes.
        • Medium Duty-more durable than light-duty and should be used when your pallet contains some irregularly shaped boxes, such as poster boxes.
        • Heavy Duty – a tough pallet wrap film with excellent tear and puncture resistance. When you have a lot of irregularly shaped boxes with sharp edges, use this type of pallet wrap.

        Where to buy pallet wrap?

        Pallet wrap can be purchased online from packaging specialists such as CrystalMailing UK. We sell a wide variety of pallet wraps, including heavy-duty and pre-stretched pallet wraps.

        You can securely wrap almost any weight, shape, or size of a pallet by selecting the appropriate gauge of film. All of our pallet wrap packaging is made up of high-quality material. So, if you need high-quality pallet wrap packaging, come to our online store.

        For any queries or questions, you can reach us at 0161 707 0117.

        Thank you.

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