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Everything You Need To Know About Mailing Tapes

Shipping and mailing businesses deal with lots of boxes on daily bases. To pack the goods in a box and secure the closure, we use high-quality tapes. There are lots of tape options available in the market. A few manufacturers also make kraft paper tapes from environmentally friendly and biodegradable materials. But choosing the right tape and tape gun is still a task.

How to choose the best tape guns for your business?

If you are into the shipping and packaging business and looking for a tape gun, there are a few things of concern to consider while going for a packaging tape and gun.

Your Business Type

What sort of business you’re running? Are you dealing with heavy goods shipping or you are an eCommerce logistics sending multiple fragile and sensitive stuff or you’re just an individual looking to export something for personal use? Maybe you’re a food business holder that delivers food packages. So totally depending on your business needs, you can pick a perfect tape gun to ease your process.

Now you also need to make sure about tape quality. Choosing a brand that is trusted and reliable can be the best option to go with. As these branded tape’s adhesives are strong and stay firm without any second thoughts.

The Package Size

How big or small are your packages? The sizes of the goods you’re dealing with, and for what purpose you’re using them? For example, an eCommerce ship anything to a particular location, and the shipping process may take days to months. If you’re a food business that delivers within a specified location, you might want the box to stay for a few hours only. So according to the purpose, the tapes can be preferred. Whether you want a strong tape to stay for weeks or a normal one for a few hours.

The Tape Gun Size

Each tape gun is designed for a particular size of tape. Depending on the package sizes the tape gun can be picked. The tiny jewelry packages might need a small tape gun, while heavy mailer boxes may need bigger tape guns with bigger tapes.

The Quantity

Tape dispensers or tape guns come in lots of variants, but one more factor to consider is the amount. How many packages do you pack in a day? If you’re packing a few only, it’s better to choose an inexpensive and convenient tape gun. But if you’re dealing with lots of boxes every day, you might need a costly tape gun that allows quick operations.

Crystal mailing has 4 variants with two different size options in tape guns. Our pistol-grip tape dispenser is available in 2-inch and 3-inch options. Tapes can be removed or added easily. It comes with a metal cutter to facilitate easy and quick taping.

Coming to the kraft paper tapes, these are the few reasons why they are the best pick. 


Taking a step toward mother nature to save the earth and promote a green and healthy planet plays an important role. Choosing a recyclable and biodegradable material promotes zero plastic concepts. Plastic is harmful to the earth, while these tapes are eco-friendly.

Packing Efficiency

These tapes can rapid your packing process without the need of specially moistening and cutting each and every time while packing anything, as these can be easily torn by hand. This reduces waste and makes packaging more efficient. 


These tapes if torn, get directly visible. So when you’re shipping anything important, it’s a good tamper-evident tape that minimizes the chance of damage and ensures safe handling, as it that’s don’t the receiving person clearly gets to know.

Temperature Tolerance

Kraft paper tapes are basically made of paper so it has an amazing temperature tolerance compared to plastic, both in terms of hot and cold.


These tapes can be utilized for all sectors. Paper tapes are effective in a wide range of packaging. For example, pharmaceuticalsautomotive items, food and beverages, and much more.

Crystal mailing also offers kraft paper tapes in 24mm, 38mm, and 48mm sizes. Our kraft paper tapes are:

  1. Made with zero plastic
  2. User friendly
  3. Eco friendly
  4. Recyclable
  5. Biodegradable
  6. Moisture resistant
  7. Strong adhesive
  8. Excellent bond
  9. Strong and sturdy
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