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Make Shipping More Effective & Attractive With Bubble-Wrapped Envelopes

Internet penetration, emergence of e-commerce markets, international/domestic courier, cargo services, and online shopping stores have changed the paradigm of business administrations and operations. It hasn't just made the customers do online shopping but it has impacted many other aspects related to online shopping like shipping, packaging, digital marketing, digital banking/payments, return policies, and many other aspects.

Selling products on the Internet is undoubtedly lucrative for businesses but supply chain and shipping is one of the most concerning parts of online business as customers rely on you to have their purchased items shipped in a safe and timely manner. Therefore, having flawless shipment and packaging is essential for maintaining a good reputation.

Packaging is a crucial process for the safe shipment of products and documents, as they pass through many hands, locations, and mediums before they get delivered to the desired destination. There are many types of mailers, packaging materials, cardboard postal boxes, and envelopes like bubble envelopes are available in the UK used for shipping, mailing, and packaging different types of items and documents.

Bubble-wrapped envelopes are a great alternative to other kinds of packaging options as they provide flexibility to ship any type of item and protect the product.

What Makes Bubble-Wrapped Envelopes Durable and Effective?

The custom bubble envelopes consist of strong puncture-resistant bubbles filled with air. They are a very impactful shipping and packaging material that protects the products against the hazards of shipping. 

Owing to their lightweight properties it requires less postage than shipping boxes making it economical compared to other packaging materials.

Bubble envelopes are pliable transparent plastic with regularly spaced air-filled bubbles, which provide cushioning for shipped items whether fragile or not using Bubble Wrap technology.

The custom bubble envelopes are available in different like white and metallic bubble envelopes that are widely and commonly used for a wide range of shipping products.  

Apart from the packaging of shipments, mailers, and couriers, they are also used for the following items,

  • Books
  • DVD's and CD's
  • Mobile Phones
  • Video Games
  • Trading Cards
  • Jewelry
  • Hardware 
  • Accessories
  • Electronic Items
  • Partially Fragile Products
  • e-Commerce and Retail Industry
  • Couriers and Shipments
  • Pharma and Medical Industry

Despite all the durable properties and efficiency, one needs to remember that bubble-wrapped envelopes don't possess stacking strength making them not ideal for glass as there are chances of getting crushed.

Advantages Of Using Custom Bubble Envelopes

  • Cost-Effective
  • Time and Labor Saving
  • Durable 
  • Moisture Resistant
  • Strong Adhesive
  • Provide Protection
  • Reusable
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Customize As Per Your Requirement
  • Ideal Packaging For Multiple Products 
  • Custom Branding 


Bubble-wrapped mailers are low-cost, making it affordable and pocket-friendly to ship products as it minimizes the usage of void fill, leading to material and cost savings. They take fewer materials for packaging, thus there is less packaging waste.

Time and Labor Saving

The packaging process with bubble envelopes involves only two steps that are packing items and sealing, which cuts the extra time you invest for packaging and increases productivity.


With air-filled bubbles and the cushioned effect, these envelopes feature a tear-resistant and puncture-resistant design; making it a durable solution with extra product protection.

Moisture Resistant

They provide a waterproof and moisture-resistant solution that helps protect the product from getting damaged during the shipping process.

Strong Adhesive

It has strong self-sealing adhesive closure, which helps save valuable time and keep products secure as tamper-resistant mailers cannot be easily opened and re-sealed.

Provide Protection

It helps to protect more fragile products with air-filled bubbles helping reduce the damage that occurs during shipping.


They are recyclable and can be used for different purposes making them save you extra costs and saving the environment too.

Lightweight and Compact

They are significantly lightweight, as well as easy to use and handle making them more comfortable while shipping. They are also compact, and leave no dunnage or void space making it flat, and help reduce warehouse storage space.

Customize As Per Your Requirement

They are available in a variety of sizes and dimensions that make them suitable for multiple products and items of different sizes.

Ideal Packaging For Multiple Products

Labeling, direct ink printing, and writing can be done easily on a bubble-wrapped envelope’s surface.

Being flexible with the texture they are great for non-fragile, soft goods like apparel, bedding, towels, non-perishables, and other items as they offer cushions for low-profile, semi-fragile items preventing any damage during shipping for low-profile or semi-fragile items.

Custom Branding

In the UK, bubble envelopes are available in different colors like white and metallic bubble envelopes as well as dimensions, they can be customized easily with logos, taglines, and images making it an effective and economical custom branding tool.

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