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Are You Knowing About These Different Types Of Packaging Pallets

With the advent of online shopping, e-commerce, the shipping, and packaging industry have undergone a massive revolution. From techniques to technologies, designs to objectives, everything about packaging has been evolving, and we may see further evolution and modification in the future.

Earlier, packaging was meant to pack the item or product to make it deliver safely and make it handy so that it can be handled properly while delivering. Additionally, the purpose of packaging, traditionally, was to make the address and contact details properly on the packaging, while getting shipped and delivered.

But, as we discussed above, the purpose and objective as of now are not to just make the product get delivered, but to make it appear attractive, artistic, enhancing the unboxing experience of the customer, branding, and making it tamper-proof.

In this piece of information, we are discussing different types of pallets and supporting products like 

What Is a Pallet Wrap?

A pallet wrap is a highly stretchable plastic made from low-density polyethylene, used to wrap around the product during transit.

As it can stretch out and then pull back in, it is unique from other types of plastic wrapping.

The shrink pallet wrap has a wide application both commercial and domestic, the most common use is to secure the goods during transport.

The durability, strength, and elasticity of the pallet keep the products tightly bound, which helps in reducing product loss, load tampering, and worker injury, making it easy to handle.

Benefits Of Pallet Wrap

  • Secure the products during transit
  • Keeps the product bound tightly with each other that may reduce damage due to shock
  • Recyclable- reusable pallet covers 
  • Can improve inventory control
  • It is more cost-effective than other alternatives
  • Requires fewer men power and energy
  • It helps protect products from UV Rays.
  • Prevents damage caused by rain, moist, and dust
  • It is great for color-coding products.
  • Can increase worker’s productivity & operation efficiency
  • It is available in different colors
  • Enhances the security of pallets, especially black pallet wrap
  • A transparent wrap can allow bar codes of goods to be scanned easily.

Though pallet wraps are very famous among the packaging, shipping, and e-commerce industry, there are different types of pallet and pallet products that are widely used and functional as well as helpful during transit, loading-unloading, and stockpiling in warehouses.

Pallet products are listed below,

  1. Pallets Toppers
  2. Pallet Cardboard Box
  3. Cardboard Pallet Sheets
  4. Pallet Top Sheets
  5. Layer Pad For Pallets 

1. Pallet Toppers

The pallet toppers are nothing but a warning sign, you keep on top of the pallets stockpiled in the warehouse. It is a warning sign that other pallets must not be stacked over the other. 

It can be used on the pallets stored in the warehouses, transport vehicles, and even while getting the product delivered. As the product getting delivered is likely to get offloaded at the number of depots before getting delivered, pallet toppers sit on top of pallets, as a warning to stop double stacking of pallets.

2. Pallet Cardboard Box

Pallet cardboard boxes are large robust boxes attached to wooden pallets used widely around the globe for transportation and shipping.

The pallet cardboard box is multifunctional and can be used for many purposes and by many industries.

The advantages of using pallet cardboard boxes are,

  • Can be used to store and protect large unboxed items
  • When not in use, it is easily collapsible
  • Suitable for long transportation
  • Reusable and durable
  • While shipping and transit, it fits snugly keeping no wasted space
  • It can be stacked in a warehouse
  • Better to use one single pallet of cardboard to store multiple boxed and unboxed items

4. Cardboard Pallet Sheet 

While shipping the product, utmost care needs to be taken about the safety of the product. To keep the bottom of pallets covered and protected from the dust and even the heads of nails of pallets, a cardboard pallet sheet is used at the bottom of the pallet.

The cardboard pallet sheet can also help in separating products into different layers as well as in sorting during distribution.

5. Pallet Top Sheet

Pallet top sheets are a must-have, to protect the pallets from dirt, dust, and moisture while getting your consignment shipped with pallets. The pallet top sheet is a pre-perforated sheet of polyethylene plastic, used to create a very tight seal around the pallet.

6. Layer Pad For Pallets

Layer pads for pallets are lightweight partitioning pads used for dividing the goods and products while getting shipping on pallets.

The usage of layer pads for pallets is not limited to providing a partition, it also makes the product stacked safely and efficiently. It also helps in stocking the goods in a more organized way over each other.

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