Bubble Packaging for Business

Choose the Right Bubble Packaging for your Business

Bubble wrap is a type of protective packaging that many businesses use to protect fragile items during shipping. However, simply putting a sheet of bubble wrap in a box will not ensure that your package arrives safely. The only way to use bubble wrap effectively is to use it correctly.

The last thing you want is for customers to open your packages and find shipping damage. This not only harms your reputation but also costs you money. Customers who are dissatisfied are more likely to return items and leave negative online reviews. The effectiveness of your protective packaging can go a long way toward protecting not only your products but also your Brand.

Effective Ways to choose  the right Bubble Wrap packaging

Check out some of the best ways to use bubble wrap to ensure that your packages arrive safely.

Choosing the Right Bubble Size

Ensuring that you have the correct size of bubble wrap for your product will go a long way toward preventing damage during transportation.

Smaller bubbles are ideal for smaller items and can aid in the prevention of scratches and scrapes. Medium bubbles provide standard protection for common products. Larger bubbles fill voids well and protect against damage from accidental drops. They also provide padding for common items.

The best thing about bubble wrap sizes is that they can be mixed and matched to achieve the safest results. You can, for example, use a smaller bubble size to protect your TV screen from being scratched while shipping, and then add a sheet of larger bubbles to protect the TV from impact damage.

Filling the Entire Box

A rookie mistake in protective packaging is believing that your product will be safe in a thin layer of bubble wrap, even if it is packaged in a large box.

It's critical to use a box that fits your product and protective packaging but doesn't leave much room for anything else. If you use a box that is too large for your item, you must fill all void areas with protective bubble sheeting or another bubble product to avoid shipping damage.

Types of Bubble Wrap Packaging

If you're not sure which bubble product is best for your company, our protective packaging specialists are here to help. Although we have many options, bubble packaging is generally divided into three categories: bubble wrap, bubble bags, and bubble tubing.

1. Bubble Wrap Sheets:

Bubble wrap is an excellent all-purpose packaging option suitable for a wide range of businesses. Bubble wrap can be used for items of varying sizes, making it an ideal one-stop solution if your company sells a wide range of products.

Crystal mailing Bubble wrap sheets come in a range of sizes and thicknesses, ranging from 1/8-inch to 1/2-inch. We also provide a 5/16-inch third web bubble for heavy-duty items that require extra protection.

Our bubble wrap products are all strong enough to withstand harsh shipping conditions, keeping your products safe and secure.

2. Bubble pouches

Bubble pouches are a great option if you're shipping something with a lot of small parts or otherwise needs to be contained. They are especially useful when shipping multiple items at once because they allow you to keep the order together while still protecting what's inside.

Bubble bags expedite the shipping process because slipping a product into a bag is much faster than individually wrapping each item. 

Our bubble pouches come in different sizes and you can choose the one as per your needs and preferences.

3. Bubble Wrap Rolls

Bubble Wrap Rolls are useful for both shipping and keeping items in good condition while they are still on the factory floor.

Because bubble wrap rolls are flexible, it is an excellent choice for oddly shaped items. Each tube can be easily cut to fit the exact size of your product, making it ideal for providing security protection. Each can be made to order in a variety of sizes, allowing you to find the ideal packaging for your products.

Choose Crystal Mailing for Protective Packaging

You can be confident that your packages will reach if you use bubble wrap properly. Crystal mailing is a leading bubble manufacturer that has been helping customers protect their items during shipping. All our bubble wrap products such as Bubble wrap rolls pouches, padded bubble envelopes, and bubble pouches are made up of high-quality material.  For any queries or questions, reach us @ 0161 707 0117.

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