Document Enclosed Wallets

All you need to know about Document Enclosed Wallets

Document-enclosed wallets and envelopes are designed to secure documentation like invoices, delivery sites, and other documentation notes while in transit. It can be easily stuck to the mail boxes and containers.

As a result, envelopes are water-resistant, and you can protect your important documents by selecting high-quality document-enclosed wallets. It might be difficult for you to identify the benefits and where to buy the right document wallet for you. But don't worry, we have described the most important benefits of document-enclosed wallets in this post.

The Advantages of Document-Enclosed Wallets:

1. Protect the Documents:

Document enclosed wallets will assist you in securing important documents such as invoices, bills, and other important documents from mailing products.

2. Water-resistant:

Document enclosed wallets are water-resistant as well, so they will help you protect your documents from dust and water.

3. Reusable:

Self-adhesive Document enclosed wallets are made of polythene and you can easily reuse them.

4. It's easy to access the details of the mailing products:

You can easily access the details of the ailing products as invoices and other documents are attached with the help of the document enclosed wallet on the top of the parcel. So you don't need to open the parcel to know the details like size, price, and type of the product.

5. Useful for e-commerce businesses:

Nowadays, online businesses are booming as more than 70% of people prefer to make online purchases. Document-enclosed wallets assist e-commerce business owners in sending invoices and bills along with the product. It also helps the customer to easily return the products as the invoices are already attached to the products.

6. Saving Time:

Document enclosed wallets save a lot of time as invoices and other additional documents can be easily attached to the parcel itself. Even the administration work of the organizations is reduced by making use of such wallets.

7. Recyclable:

Documents enclosed in wallets are recyclable.

8. Branding:

Document-enclosed wallets can also be used for branding the products. Some leading companies like Crystal Mailing are offering printed document enclosed wallets on which the logo or sign of the company can be printed to promote the brand.

How Should Document Envelopes Be Used?

Document-enclosed wallets are frequently used to secure paperwork or invoices in your package. Depending on the size of the paper, fold it and slide it into the wallet, then peel off the backing paper and attach it. Pull back the lip and peel it off to seal the paperwork in place.

All wallets are available in standard sizes A7, A6, A5, DL, and A4 and in both plain and printed 'document enclosed' versions.

All standard-size wallets accept an A4 paper sheet folded three times for DL, half for A5, quarters for A6, and eight times for A7. 

Types of Document Enclosed Wallets:

Crystal Mail offers two types of document-enclosed wallets. They are

1. The Plain Document Enclosed Wallets

  • The Plain Document enclosed wallets are made up of clear and plain adhesive polythene.

2. Printed Document Enclosed Wallets

  • These are such wallets on which the logo or the sign of the company is printed for branding and marketing purposes.

Why choose us?

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