A Brief About Corrugated Boxes

A Brief About Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are created of paperboard as objected to standard cardboard, and have air-filled folds, also known as flutes, contriving throughout them. The creases present the boxes with a sturdier structure and more durability, which may be why the majority of brown boxes associated with package delivery are created from corrugated material.

There are 2 preliminary sorts of corrugated boxes:

  • Single wall: The classic box type is maintained with 2 sheets of glued liner board.
  • Double wall: A heavy-duty box girded with 3 sheets of glued liner board.

Single Wall Corrugated Box

Also known as 3-ply, single-wall corrugated boxes are created of two sheets of liner board glued on either side of the corrugated material to make sturdy, yet light packaging. These are widely utilized throughout retail, as they are relatively inexpensive and deliver abundant support for most products.

Single wall boxes are economizing not only in cost but also for the environment as they're more collapsible and disposable.in cost and While perceptions may be that single-wall corrugated boxes are flimsier, on average, they carry up to 10kg.

This kind of corrugated box consists of a single sheet of a corrugated medium that is glued and positioned between 2 sheets of liner board. This type of corrugated box has several benefits in retail industries and as boxes for shipping.

Double Wall Corrugated Box

Also known as 5-ply boxes, double-wall corrugated boxes are much strappier. They're created similarly to single wall boxes, but with an extra layer of both liner board and corrugated material for extra strength and weight-carrying capacity.

Due to the extra rigidity, dual wall boxes are typically utilized in shipping weightier items with a maximum weight limit of around 30kg. It is also excellent for holding delicate or fragile items, as the rigidity and stability make sure that the product doesn't damage.

Double-wall corrugated boxes are the most widely utilized boxes for shipping electronics and useful items, including the blander products in that category.

Double-walled corrugated boxes are created of a 2-layer corrugated medium glued between 3 layers of liner board. Thus, it makes the box more stringent and is utilized for the packaging of weighty products or products that are more insubstantial. This kind of corrugation is highly utilized in the shipping of electronic items.

Why Use Corrugated Boxes?

While it may seem adorable to easily utilize a basic cardboard box for your packaging requirements, the corrugated board may be a better option depending on your product, storage, and shipping method. Here are some of the advantages of utilizing corrugated boxes instead of utilizing simple old cardboard:

  • Corrugated boxes are perfect for shipping purposes as they are more powerful and more durable than standard cardboard, thanks to their three-layer composition.
  • Corrugated boxes offer insulation that can protect products from temperature differences often experienced throughout the shipping procedure.
  • Despite being super strong and stable, corrugated boxes are still incredibly lightweight and won't cost you much more in terms of shipping costs.
  • Corrugated boxes come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and designs so that you're simply able to discover the soundest choice for your products and company altogether.
  • Corrugated boxes can still be recycled so that you can feel good about the packaging products you're utilizing.

Benefits of Corrugated Packaging

Corrugated cardboard and corrugated boxes have seen constant favor because of the many advantages they offer and the moderately low cost of the display.

Some of the main explanations for their popularity contain:


Corrugated is one of the finest packaging choices available for those aiming to cover their items during transit. It can manage the effects of being driven around and shipped, and the easing offers a lot of support.


Corrugated boxes are stable because of their defensive elements.

The boxes themselves withstand a lot of smashing without harming the products inside, and it also delivers as a fence to the elements for products.


Sustainability has become increasingly essential, and packaging has significantly. Corrugated boxes are created of recycled fibers.

They are also readily recycled, creating them a sounder opponent for bearable packaging.


Because of the many possibilities available for raw materials and their environmental-friendliness, corrugated boxes are the finest choice for those examining custom packaging, including printing.

The shapes and consistency are readily customized, alongside the graphics and surface printing.

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