Mailing and packaging

A Beginner's Guide to Mailing

After contemplating thousands of designs for your products you have finally settled on your favorites, and are ready to ship your products to your customers.

But have you thought about how you would mail these to your customers? You would need to figure out many things like supplies you will need? Or what kind of boxes to use? Their sizes and disabilities, customizing them if needed.

To solve these queries of yours here is a small curated list for you to guide you in this new journey.

Single wall boxes

These are the most common boxes which are used in ecommerce or other reasons. They can carry up to 10 kg weight, are strong enough to absorb shock, and are economical. If you are moving out or trying to ship items that are lighter in weight then these Single wall boxes would fit your needs well.

If you looking to find different box sizes then CrystalMailing has 20 sizes to offer that would fit all of your needs.

Postal Boxes

You would have seen these boxes. Whenever you order jewelry, wallets, or smaller items, they come in postal boxes.

These boxes have heavy edges which help in retaining the product in place and have minimum chances of it getting ripped and the product being misplaced. They can also be reused to store different items.

These Postal boxes come in various shapes, sizes, and colours which you can choose according to your budget. You can also customize these boxes according to your brand's needs.

If you want larger sizes then you can go with large letter boxes as well.

Mailing bags

Another option for mailing is the mailing bags. These are affordable, environment friendly, come in various shapes and sizes, or can be customized according to your needs. They are waterproof and can withstand temperature changes.

There are various types of mailing bags in the market, suitable for a specific purpose. These reasons make them one of the best options out there for mailing.

Clear OPP Bags

These are clear opp bags used in packing when a customer needs to see the quality of the product like clothes. This is also used when a product needs extra cushioning or protection from scratching.

These are complete transparent bags or come with a suffocating waring printed waring on them. They have adhesive at the opening of the bag through which you can seal the bag. These bags also come in various sizes to fit different requirements.


We know that the main purpose of tapes is to seal the packages. But tapes also provide extra support to the boxes.

The most common and widely used type of tape would be clear tape or plastic tape. This tape makes box openings waterproof making it best for transferring electronic products.

If you want something more environmentally friendly then try Gummed tape or water - activated tape. These are paper tapes whose adhesive gets activated when they are wet. It is as strong as plastic tapes.

Tapes can also be customized with brands logo or messages like fragile or void, to let people know how to handle the box.

Bubble Wrap

Everyone loves to pop bubbles from the bubble wrap.

Bubble wrap rolls is used to protect things while transporting them from one place to the other. They provide an extra layer between your box and the product, so no harm is caused to it.

According to your requirement, you can buy different sizes of bubble wrap rolls, pouches, or envelopes.

Address Labels

Address labels would be the most important part of the packaging. You might have chosen boxes and their size with other customization. But without an address label, that box won't be delivered to its rightful owner.

Choose correct sized labels which can contain all the important information so it reaches its rightful owner.

Invoicing Labels

Like address labels, invoicing labels are as much important. These labels contain information regarding the buyer, seller, and product.

These contain the names and addresses of the buyer and seller, product description, its size if any discount is applied, and the total value of the package.

Invoices are important as they serve as documentation of services and the total amount to be paid by them.

Find the perfect size for your invoice on CrystalMailing. They provide a vivid range of sizes to choose from.

Mailing can be a tedious task, but once you figure out your requirements and needs finding a solution would be easier. The correct way of mailing will also help you in calculating your sales.

Hope this article was able to help you in identifying the needs of your mailing.

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