Fragile goods sent in the post can be a dangerous if products are not protected well. By using padded envelopes could protect the goods well in postage and convenient to pack. Padded Envelopes are environmentally friendly as they are made from 100% recyclable fibre filling, fibre filling and then finished with a high quality kraft paper which is gives a nice clean finish, ideal for packaging DVD’s, CD’s, Books, and Jewellery – the list goes on! These bubble envelopes have a bubble lining protecting against shocks and punctures, and resisting the knocks that happen during transit through the post. They have an easy to write on surface and labels adhere easily. The sides are welded, giving extra strength, preventing bursting and giving you peace of mind that your product will arrive in great condition by using Crystal Mailing stock a range of quality bubble envelopes

• Minimise postal costs
• Made from lightweight board