Different Types Of Packaging Materials Perfect For Shipping And Mailing

Packaging materials are inevitable for any product, item, or purpose. The purpose and objective of using packaging material differ from person to person. Packaging material supplier keeps on upgrading their product range with the latest products and materials to serve the clients with the best quality and latest packaging materials.

Why Are Packaging Materials Used?

The purpose and objective of using packaging materials differ with the users and product. The primary purpose and objective of using the packaging material are to safeguard the product or item. 

As a packaging material supplier, we understand the needs of the client as well as the industry and upgrade our packaging material products as per the requirements and expectations of the client and customers. 

Following are the different purposes of using packaging materials,

  • Protection
  • Safety
  • Enhanced Usability
  • Making Product Look Attractive
  • To Store and Hold Item Comfortably 
  • Make Item Sustain For A Longer Period
  • Provides Information
  • Convenient Handling Especially During Transportation

The different types of packaging materials supplied by packaging material suppliers are, 

  • Mailing Bags
  • Labels and Thermal Rolls
  • Pallet Wrap 
  • Boxes and Tubes
  • Tapes and Guns 
  • Bubble Packaging 

Different products, items, and industries require different types of packaging material, every packaging material has its specific purpose, usage, utility, and benefit. 

Mailing Bags 

As a packaging material supplier, we offer a wide range of sealable mailing bags made of a strong poly with a self-adhesive strip. Manufactured with high-quality material and glue ensures that the stored item arrives without any tears in the bag, keeping your product safe.

Available in different styles and sizes mailing bags are used to ship items/documents that fit within the bag. Mailing bags are usually lightweight, durable, capable of resisting rips and punctures. 

Different types of mailing bags available are,
  • Economy Grey Mailing Bags
  • Premium Colour Mailing Bags
  • Clear OPP Bags
  • Grip Seal Bags

It is ideal for shipping and transportation as the address can easily be written or a shipping label can be affixed on the mailing bags. 

Label and Thermal Rolls

Label and thermal rolls can be classified into different categories based on their purpose and utility. It is available in different dimensions and sizes to cater to the different objectives of the users. 

Label and thermal rolls can be classified into the following categories, 

  • Invoicing Labels 
  • Address Labels 
  • Thermal Labels Rolls
  • Receipt Rolls

These labels and thermal rolls are perfect for Inkjets or laser printers. 

Pallet Wrap

When it comes to storage, shipping, and distribution of pallets, one of the most effective and efficient ways to wrap it is with pallet wrap.

Pallet wrap is an extremely stretchable plastic that helps in keeping items tightly bound and waterproof. It helps in securing items during their journey or storage.

Pallet wrap is available in two categories,

1. Standard Core 

2. Extended Core

Pallet wrap is less expensive than blown stretch film, making it widely used by packaging material suppliers. 

Boxes and Tubes

Boxes and tubes are used to transport, ship, and store documents or items safely. With safety and protection, also makes the content look attractive and aesthetic. 

Boxes and tubes enhance the handling of the item or document during shipping and transportation. It can also be used to provide information about the content as well as shipping address or file name for easy access. 

Postal tubes are also ideal for storing and shipping long items and documents. 

The assorted range of boxes and tubes includes, 
  • Large Letter Boxes
  • Postal Boxes
  • Single Wall 
  • Postal Tubes

Tapes and Guns 

The tapes are used to bind two objects or ends of the same object together. The demand for superior quality adhesive tapes has risen with the evolution of e-commerce. 

Tapes ensure that the packaging is secure and the product is safe during transportation or shipping. Tapes are available in different colors like brown, white, clear, and fragile in a variety of sizes. 

Tape guns are widely used for easy, comfortable, and quick packaging and sealing. Tape guns are available in different sizes to cater to different needs.

Tape guns are a time-saving tool that dispenses the tape quickly and easily.

A tape gun is a tool that holds a roll of tape and has a mechanism at one end to cut the tape with a blade.

Bubble Packaging

For your need to protect fragile products while in storage or shipping bubble packaging is a perfect choice.

Bubble packaging relies on a cover that contains an air cushion to protect the material. It is an ideal lightweight way to protect products or items in transit, shipping, and storage.

Bubble packaging is used for many products like jewelry, electronic items, furniture, glassware, pictures, industrial parts, and other fragile goods. 

Packaging material supplier offers bubble wraps in different size and shape that can be classified as per below,